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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pillow Pets?

Our mission at Pillow Pets is to bring endless smiles to children everywhere. Made of high quality, super soft plush, Pillow Pets are the most precious snuggle pals for you or your loved ones. "My grandson loved it. He is afraid of the dark so it is now his sleeping companion."

Are the NFL licensed Pillow Pets any good?

It did come with the official NFL pillow pet tag so it is legit and just as high quality as the ones you find in store but just about a million times cooler because it is the cardinal! We've had other pillow pets that were well made and durable, (and big hits with the kids). We were happy to see they now have NFL licensed versions.

Are the Vikings Pillow Pets any good?

I bought 2 of the Vikings pillow pets. The bears I received are dark brown, have no braids, and the horns are shorter and not as defined. I'm attaching pictures. They're still cute and very soft and just the right size, but I was a little disappointed. Edit: just thought I would add that the grandsons loved them and were so excited!

How do I Clean my custompillow pets?

Pillow Pets are washer safe and super easy to clean. Just pop them in the washing machine, and they will be as good as new. It's not one of those regular pillows, it's a Pillow Pet!

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