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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dark lord Philodendron?

Dark Lord Philodendron is a must have for big leaf plant collectors. This philodendron’s leaf starts out bright orange, then turns blood red, and finally fades to a deep dark green top with a metallic maroon underneath. This plant is very easy to grow and maintaining a relatively small size can be challenging because it is such a vigorous grower.

What does a philodendron look like?

The highly regarded foliage of this philodendron begins deep orange to blood-red which can also transition to a deep dark green top complimented by its metallic maroon underside. It’s native to the tropical canopies of Colombia and Panama but has been found abundantly growing as well in Northern Africa, the Philippines, and Seychelles.

What is the difference between Imperial and Imperial Green philodendrons?

While an Imperial green philodendron would normally have dark green foliages. Needless to say, both of the imperial plants survive from moderate to bright, indirect sunlight. Being one of the most stunning varieties of philodendrons, Erubescens boasts variegated foliage that comes in the shade of pink and dark green.

Are philodendrons good climbers?

Most philodendrons are known to be great climbers, this is made possible by their modified roots that can cling and wrap around trunks of trees. As they reach the canopy, the plant would then transform into epiphytes. How big does Philodendron Dark Lord get?

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