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Frequently Asked Questions

Is little log house Pioneer Village Minnesota’s Best Kept Secret?

The Little Log House Pioneer Village is the most beautiful, best kept secret in Minnesota! I’ve never seen anything else like it. The annual Little Log House Antique Power Show is a wonderful event and has something for everyone to enjoy! Everyone complimented on the buildings, flowers, grounds and especially the church and reception hall.

Where is Minnesota Pioneer Park?

725 Pioneer Park Trail (off Highway 55 east), Annandale, MN 55302 Minnesota Pioneer Park is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. We receive no local, state or other government funding and depend on our admissions, memberships, grants, and donations to exist.

Are there any villages in Minnesota worth a visit?

In Minnesota, there are some amazing villages where you take a trip into the past, and learn about the history of our state and its residents in an exciting, interactive way. We found 6 in particular that offer the most well-rounded experiences and are definitely worth a visit!

Who runs the Dakota City Heritage Village?

The Dakota City Heritage Village is 100% run by volunteers and we thank you for your interest and can't wait to hear about what you'd like to do with us this year.

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