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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plasma Mobile?

Plasma Mobile is a Plasma variant for smartphones. It is currently available for the Pinephone, and supported devices for postmarketOS such as the OnePlus 6.

How do I install Plasma Mobile on my System?

If using the latter, Plasma Mobile can be installed by selecting it as the UI in pmbootstrap init . On existing systems, it can be installed by installing the postmarketos-ui-plasma-mobile meta package or plasma-phone-components if postmarketOS specific customization is not wanted.

What makes Plasma Mobile different from its competitors?

Like any other mobile operating system, Plasma Mobile has also distinct features that set it apart from its competitors. Here are those features: Freedom: Plasma Mobile is free and open-source software.

Is Plasma Mobile the future of Linux mobile?

According to the Plasma Mobile team, the current image is an “alternate launcher for Ubuntu touch”. Overall, Plasma mobile is promising. Linux offers a lot of different desktops environments and it’s only fitting that there should be a variety of competing interfaces for smartphones and other touch devices too.

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