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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Plasma Mobile on x86_64 Windows tablets?

Here is the first mostly functional Plasma Mobile test ISO for x86_64 (32bit UEFI) Windows Tablets. It is based on the Neon based official test ISO released Feb 2019. If you want to install it to the disk, you will have to open a terminal and run these commands: It should launch calamares (the system installer) and install without issue from there.

What is Plasma Mobile?

Plasma Mobile is a Plasma variant for smartphones. It is currently available for the Pinephone, and supported devices for postmarketOS such as the OnePlus 6.

Is Plasma Mobile the future of Linux mobile?

According to the Plasma Mobile team, the current image is an “alternate launcher for Ubuntu touch”. Overall, Plasma mobile is promising. Linux offers a lot of different desktops environments and it’s only fitting that there should be a variety of competing interfaces for smartphones and other touch devices too.

Is it possible to run Plasma Mobile on guest system?

OpenGL support on the guest system -Plasma Mobile virtual machine- is required for executing Calamares, that will enable us to install Plasma Mobile. We can compile Virgil executing the following commands: Depending on your distribution, dependency package names may vary. In KDE Neon, you may install the packages required to compile QEMU executing:

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