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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Players Club & Spa do for You?

The Players Club & Spa features an experienced culinary team skilled in various services, from classic pasta dishes to day-after brunches. They will customize a menu to best suit your wedding theme and tastes. Bartenders will be present to create your guests' favorite cocktails and beverages throughout your event.

What is the Players Club and spa at Lely/Naples?

The Players Club and Spa at Lely/Naples is a very nice members only club with gym, several pools, bar and restaurant. As a guest I could use it during vacation. The gym is gorgeous, state of the art equipment, clean, and spacious.

What is a restrictive covenant at the Players Club & Spa?

Restrictive Covenant requiring membership at The Players Club & Spa. Based on typical single family home ownership, membership privileges are extended to the homeowner’s immediate family (spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 25.)

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