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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first thing he remembered when he went to playground?

The first time he went to the playground, a suburb away from his home, a home painted pink with roses like stakes thrusting out from the flowerbed that hugged the house, the only thing he remembered was the woodchip underfoot. It was also the first lie he felt, as he couldn’t yet understand the cacophony of sounds spoken or cooed at him yet.

How did the playground become an after school activity?

School began, as it does, and the playground was replaced by friends, handball courts, teachers, pencil shavings. The playground become an after-school activity; the gum tree, he noticed, looked different in the afternoon than the evening. Before long, his brother had joined him at the school too.

How did the girls chase each other around the playground?

The girls chased each other all over the playground. They slid down the slide together, hand in hand. They climbed up the rope ladder together and sat on a platform together and at one point, when the little girl was elsewhere and Sophie was swinging and fell, the little girl ran over, concerned. They were friends.

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