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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Plaza?

Definition of plaza. 1 a : a public square in a city or town. b : an open area usually located near urban buildings and often featuring walkways, trees and shrubs, places to sit, and sometimes shops. 2 : a place on a thoroughfare (such as a turnpike) at which all traffic must temporarily stop (as to pay tolls)

How many square feet is the Plaza?

With 21,000 square feet of sleek and functional meeting space, The Plaza is a fresh departure from the ordinary. Iconic rooms, thoughtful amenities, and 282 guestrooms and suites to choose from make The Plaza the perfect location to host your next meeting or conference.

What's new at the city plaza?

The renovated plaza features new lighting, several seating areas, upgraded landscaping, a platform for entertainment, and the City Plaza Archway. The City financed much of the project through Vision 2025 funds and other local grants.

What is a re-envisioned Plaza?

The re-envisioned plaza provides a landscaped oasis in the city for employees and visitors who utilize the building. The former concrete plaza is also part of a green landscape surrounding the project. Site Planning: Entrance plazas should have slopes of 1 percent minimum and 5 percent maximum to allow for proper rainwater run-off.

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