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Frequently Asked Questions

Why drain cleaning is an important plumbing service?

You can take a shower or wash your dishes without having to hold your noseSaves You Money over TimeKeeps Your Pipes Healthy

Can I be a drain cleaner without being a plumber?

The good news is that a clogged or slow drain can often be cleared without calling in a plumber. According to the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab experts, the safest first step to clearing any clog is to use the correct plunger based on where a clog is located (sink or toilet).

How do plumbers unclog drains?

How to Unclog a Sink, Tub, or Shower Drain With a PlungerWet a Washcloth. Thoroughly wet a washcloth and set it aside for now.Remove Drain Stopper or Cover. Remove the pop-up drain stopper from the sink basin or bathtub. ...Add Water as Needed. ...Cover Overflow Hole, If Necessary. ...Lower Plunger. ...Push Plunger Down. ...Run Hot Water. ...

How to keep drain pipes clean [expert plumbing tips]?

How to keep your drains clean at homeUnblock your sink the natural way. For a chemical-free option, the most common trick to clearing drains yourself is to use bi-carb soda (or baking powder) and vinegar.Clearing stubborn blockages. ...Hot water and bubbles. ...Drain snakes. ...Chemical options. ...Blocked drain prevention. ...Still, blocked? ...

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