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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pm Ecollection eReader app?

The PM eCollection eReader app allows teachers and students to use PM eBooks for guided reading. It utilises native iOS gestures to provide a seamless experience for young readers. 300 pedagogically sound, carefully levelled PM eCollection eBooks combined with the following features: "A great way to access a very thorough levelled reading resource.

What is the PM ecollection?

The PM eCollection is a brand new platform that re-imagines guided and independent reading for the digital age. It comprises three pillars: the PM eBooks – we’ve taken the proven strength of our pedagogically sound, carefully levelled PM Collection and digitised the books.

What is pm writing?

Writing: PM Writing explicitly links reading to writing. PM Software to add digital interactivity to developing literacy skills and provide teachers with options in lesson delivery. The award-winning PM eCollection has arrived in the digital classroom to re-imagine guided and independent reading for the digital age.

What kind of books are in the pm guided reading card box sets?

The PM Guided Reading Card Box Sets feature illustrated fiction and non-fiction texts including all the standard text types. Literal, inferential, comprehension and applied knowledge questions are presented on the back of each card.

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