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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PMX do?

PMX began as a local company operating in Western PA, offering mobile diagnostic radiology, cardiology, ultrasound services and vascular services. In December of 2013 PMX, merged with the former Mobile X-Ray Imaging (MXI) management team.

Where can I find the PMX file format?

PMX files are located in the "Models" folder. Open over 400 file formats with File Viewer Plus. Free Download What is a PMX file?

Where is Cancan Canadian PMX located?

CANADIAN PMX CORP. We are a solid “brick and mortar” company, with our head office located on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill (north Toronto), Ontario, Canada. Our facilities include a 10,000 square foot bank building with a world class showroom where customers can come to see the products we offer and buy or sell in person.

Why choose pmpmx for recycled copper?

PMX recycles all copper scrap and even offers EcoCopper and MicroGuard antimicrobial copper materials with up to 100% recycled content. Producing advanced copper alloys with recycled content is just one of the many sustainable initiatives we use to reduce our ecological footprint.

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