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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best POS system for a bar?

We highly recommend the following bar POS systems:Square for Restaurants: Best for affordabilityToast: Best for employee managementTouchBistro: Best for ease of useLightspeed Restaurant: Best for customizabilityRevel Systems: Best for larger businessestalech POS: Best valueClover: Best plug-and-play bar system

How much does a bar POS system cost?

The price of bar POS systems varies widely based on the level of technology, and the type and amount of hardware that is purchased. You can buy a basic system off the shelf for about $1,000, but you’ll have to set it up yourself and there will be no tech support. Also, the software that comes with these systems often has limited capabilities.

What are the most common restaurant POS systems?

In Summary: Top Restaurant POS Systems In 2022Revel POS Systems: Best for restaurants needing a rich feature set.Lightspeed Restaurant POS: Best for restaurant owners wanting an affordable all-in-one system.Square For Restaurants POS: Best for free restaurant POS software.Clover POS: Best for restaurants seeking an intuitive interface.More items...

How much do restaurant POS systems cost?

Approximately how much will restaurant POS hardware cost? Starting at $449 for popular hardware bundles including POS terminal, receipt printer, and cash drawer. Additional receipt printers range from $250 - $370 Kitchen printers can cost upwards of $370 Handheld devices like Epos Pocket start at $190 Additional cash drawers can start from $73

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