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Frequently Asked Questions

What are police chase games?

What are Police Chase Games? Police Chase Games are driving games where cops are chasing fleeing criminals. There are criminals out on the run, and only you can stop them. Pick one of these fun and exciting police chase games here at and catch these law breakers with your police car before they escape!

What kind of games are there about policing?

Murdered: Soul Suspect – (Multiple Platforms) Another game that takes the supernatural approach to policing, Soul Suspect puts you in the shoes of an officer that has just died, by way of his . . . . wait for it . . . . soul! You weren’t expecting that were you?

What are crime games?

What are Crime Games? Crime games are shooting and strategy games that are about the act of breaking the law and escaping police custody. In our free online crime games, here at, you get to commit felonies, grand larceny and even outright murder, for the sheer joy of it.

What is the appeal of police games?

Police games capture our interest in a way that isn’t very common to most games. Maybe some people want to feel the power of the law, or other want to feel like their solving a crime or mystery and some may just like the idea of protecting justice.

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