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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PoliceOne Academy Cleet approved?

PoliceOne Academy is a CLEET approved training provider and can be used to fulfill the 25 hours of CLEET annual training requirements for full-time certified Peace Officers as well as 8 hours of CLEET training requirements for Reserve Peace Officers. PoliceOne Academy reports course completions directly to CLEET twice per month.

What is PoliceOne Academy?

PoliceOne Academy’s learning management system streamlines the training experience for police departments. Our training solution offers more than 400 online law enforcement courses, training workflows and skills development tracking.

What does cleat do for police officers?

Since 1976, CLEAT has offered training to assist officers in critical incidents, workplace ethics, and officer rights. In fact, CLEAT pushed hard in the legislature for increases in training, better professionalism, higher standards, and education for officers.

Does cleat profit from an officer's training?

Unlike some other organizations, CLEAT has never sought profit from an officer’s training. CLEAT was the first statewide law enforcement organization in Texas to offer training to its members and continues to offer CLEAT member exclusive training programs/classes. Our goal has always been to offer training to our members at no cost.

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