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Frequently Asked Questions

Who directed the music video for policy of truth?

The music video for "Policy of Truth" is directed by Anton Corbijn and appears on the VHS collection Strange Too . ^ Cranna, Ian (April 1990). "Insidious".

When did policy of Truth by Depeche Mode come out?

“Policy of Truth” is the third single off Depeche Mode’s 1990 album Violator. It had significant success, reaching the top 20 in nine countries. Rolling Stone described the…

How did policy of truth become so popular?

“Policy Of Truth” became one of three US hit singles from the album Violator for the British band, which at that time included Gore, Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher and Alan Wilder. That worldwide success was part of the goal, as lead singer Gahan told Under The Radar magazine in a 2009 interview.

What does the narrator say about the policy of truth?

The narrator suggests that the mistake, made early, can’t really be rectified: “It’s just time to pay the price/For not listening to advice/And deciding in your youth/On the policy of truth.” The phrase “Policy Of Truth” is a fascinating one.

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