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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pollyanna’s second brewery?

We opened our second brewery and tap room in Roselle, IL on November 10, 2017 with the intention of spreading the good word of Pollyanna up North.

What is a Pollyanna beer?

Both a gateway beer for new craft beer fans and an all-day sipper for the vet, this is something everyone can enjoy. We pay homage to the American novelist, Eleanor Porter, who introduced “Pollyanna” to the world way back in 1913.

What is Pollyanna Roselare?

Named after a combination of our second home town, Roselle, and the city known for sour beer in Belgium, Roeselare, Pollyanna Roselare is the home of our 7bbl brew house, Italian Foudres, a wide array of wood barrels, and plenty of unique one-off offerings.

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