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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pollyanna beer?

Both a gateway beer for new craft beer fans and an all-day sipper for the vet, this is something everyone can enjoy. We pay homage to the American novelist, Eleanor Porter, who introduced “Pollyanna” to the world way back in 1913.

Can you pay with credit card at Pollyanna Brewing Company?

Pollyanna Brewing Company accepts credit cards. How is Pollyanna Brewing Company rated? Pollyanna Brewing Company has 4 stars. What days are Pollyanna Brewing Company open?

Why choose Pollyanna's St Charles tap room?

Overlooking the beautiful Fox River, the largest of our three tap rooms offers not only our diverse beer menu, but also our wide range of distilled spirits and cocktails. As the home of Pollyanna Music, our St Charles location provides customers with the highest quality local, regional, and national entertainment in an intimate venue setting.

Does Pollyanna sell products from their distillery?

They also sell their products that are from their distillery as well. I did not try any on my visit but seemed to be reasonably priced and good selection. Flight! I was so excited to finally try out Pollyanna!

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