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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hay do you feed a pony?

Ponies need only the fraction of the feed that horses do. Hay for ponies should be good quality grass hay. Your pony probably won't need the nutrition provided by alfalfa and clovers. These fodders, which are more energy and nutrient dense than many grass hay, are often too rich for a pony.

How much should a pony eat?

When you consider a pony’s ideal weight, 2% (e.g., 12 pounds for a 600-pound pony) doesn’t look like a lot of food. Many ponies fare better on a smaller percentage, and those on restricted calorie intake might need to eat even less.

What do horses like to eat for treats?

Treats Many of us like to feed our horses treats. These tidbits may include things like apples, carrots or other favorite fruits or vegetables, handfuls of grain, sugar cubes or candies, or sometimes odd things like a bite of a hot dog or boiled egg.

Do ponies need concentrates or grain?

Ponies rarely need concentrates or grain. The exception would be a pony that is working very hard: one that is doing several lessons a week is being driven frequently, is doing something like pulling competitions, or is a lactating mare with a foal by her side.

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