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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a young Pony's foot plant?

Plants may appear in other counties, especially if used in landscaping. North American distribution, attributed to U. S. Department of Agriculture. Running rampant but usually unnoticed, young pony's foot is a bland green, best used to cut the bitterness of other wild greens.

Is Pony foot vine native to Texas?

Silver pony-foot (Dichondra argentea) is also known as silver nickel vine and aluminum vine. It is a native plant that inhabits West Texas to southeastern Arizona and the Mexican states of Durango and Michoacan. In Mexico, its preferred habitat is on igneous substrates.

What does a silver ponyfoot plant look like?

The silver color of the leaves may be what first catches your attention, but when you look closely, you might find the shape of them even more appealing. Flat, almost heart-shaped, and slightly cupped, the leaves of silver ponyfoot provide an interesting structural element to any garden space.

How do you plant a pony foot plant?

It requires well-drained soil if planted in the ground as a groundcover and is deer resistant in areas that are not overpopulated with deer. Silver pony-foot thrives in full sun to light shade and is winter hardy to 20-25° F.

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