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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Poseidon the same as Neptune?

The primary reason that Poseidon and Neptune are considered the same god is because some think that they actually are. Essentially, Poseidon is the Greek Neptune and Neptune is the Roman Poseidon. This would be an issue of semantics, and there are many commonalities in both the Greek god and the Roman god mythology to suggest their equivalence.

What is Poseidon a lover of?

Poseidon enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh, seeking romance with goddesses, humans, nymphs and other creatures. Not even physical form mattered to him: He could, and often did, transform himself or his lovers into animals so as to hide in plain sight.

Was Poseidon a real person?

Poseidon, in ancient Greek religion, god of the sea (and of water generally), earthquakes, and horses.He is distinguished from Pontus, the personification of the sea and the oldest Greek divinity of the waters. The name Poseidon means either “husband of the earth” or “lord of the earth.” Traditionally, he was a son of Cronus (the youngest of the 12 Titans) and of Cronus’s sister and ...

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