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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Poseidon a Greek god?

Poseidon had a variety of roles, duties and attributes. He is a separate deity from the oldest Greek god of the sea Pontus. In Athens his name is superimposed οn the name of the non-Greek god Erechtheus Ἑρεχθεύς ( Poseidon Erechtheus ).

What does a Poseidon tattoo mean?

Poseidon tattoo meaning is pretty powerful as well as attractive for men & women. If you end up getting a Poseidon tattoo, know that you are placing a powerful god on your body. According to Greek mythology, he was the protector of the sea, while his symbol stands for water, peace, as well as long-lasting protection.

What did Poseidon ride on?

Otus In Greek art, Poseidon rides a chariot that was pulled by a hippocampus or by horses that could ride on the sea. He was associated with dolphins and three-pronged fish spears ( tridents ). He lived in a palace on the ocean floor, made of coral and gems .

Why is this piece dedicated to Poseidon?

This piece is dedicated to Poseidon, as the main colors that encompass the work in the smoke and background are a mixture of blues and greens.

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