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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wave is Poseidon based on?

The “Poseidon” plot is based on a tsunami wave, which looks vastly different at sea, with a very long and low amplitude. In fact it is not even visible at all until reaching very shallow water. That’s where it can cause all the damage.

Was Poseidon Adventure filmed on a real ship?

Parts of the movie were filmed aboard the RMS Queen Mary. The plot centers on the fictional SS Poseidon, an aged luxury liner on her final voyage from New York City to Athens before being sent to the scrapyard. On New Year's Eve, she is overturned by a rogue wave.

What happened to the ship Poseidon?

The massive cruise ship Poseidon is immediately capsized by an unforeseen rogue wave during a New Year's Eve cruise.

Is Poseidon Adventure a remake?

A remake of the 1972 Irwin Allen production, The Poseidon Adventure, itself based on a novel by Paul Gallico, the film was directed by Wolfgang Petersen (director of The Perfect Storm, which itself featured a rogue wave for the film’s finale, and Air Force One ).

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