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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see Poseidon in Gothenburg?

Poseidon in Gothenburg - The Statue at the top of the famous street Avenyn. At the top of Avenyn at Götaplatsen you will find him standing naked with a little shy glance watching downwards, Gothenburg´s Poseidon.

How tall is the Poseidon in the bathtub?

Poseidon by Carl Milles was put in the tub 1931. He is 22 feet high and the tub around him is 3 feet high. Apart from Poseidon you can at least see 6 figures more in the tub. Poseidon is poured at Herman Bergmans firm.

Where does Poseidon go in the winter time?

In the Summer time he cools down in the fountain and in the winter time he freezes his butt off.... In the greek mythology, Poseidon was the God of the Sea and were doesn´t he fit the best if not in the city of Gothenburg.

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