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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gothenburg need a Poseidon statue?

In the greek mythology, Poseidon was the God of the Sea and were doesn´t he fit the best if not in the city of Gothenburg. Sailors often worship Poseidon about getting a calm sea. When the city celebrated it´s 300 year anniversary 1923, some thought that Götaplatsen with it´s central place needed some art of some kind. What should that be....

How tall is the statue of Poseidon in the bathtub?

Poseidon by Carl Milles was put in the tub 1931. He is 22 feet high and the tub around him is 3 feet high. Apart from Poseidon you can at least see 6 figures more in the tub.

Why did the Greeks put statues of Zeus on the wall?

This statue was probably created as a votive for a temple dedicated to Zeus. In presenting such works as offerings, the Greeks attempted to appease their gods, earning divine assistance or favor in return. “From the time of Homer onwards, the forms, functions, powers of the gods were defined and woe betide you if you didn’t recognize them.

When did Greek sculpture start?

Created in the beginning of the Classical Period of Greek sculpture (ca. 480–300 BCE), this elegant and balanced figure is the embodiment of beauty, control, and strength.

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