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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using CSS position sticky?

With the CSS position property, you can move elements around on your page. If you’d like the position of an element to depend on the front-end user's scroll position, then you can use sticky positioning. With this position type, you can create sticky navigation bars, headers, footers, and more.

What is the difference between CSS position sticky and fixed positioning?

Sticky elements are similar to fixed elements. They both maintain the position on the screen when scrolling the page. The difference is that the sticky element can only be within the scope of its parent container, whereas the element with fixed positioning can be out of the scope of its parent element.

How do you make elements stick with CSS position sticky?

Simply add the shorthand utility for sticky positioning in your HTML and define how far from the top, bottom, left, or right you want the element to stick in your CSS. If you use the .sticky-top class, then you won't have to add anything in your CSS.

What are the different positions used in CSS?

The position CSS property sets how an element is positioned in a document. The top, right, bottom, and left properties determine the final location of positioned elements.

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