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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a powerCON cable?

Cable allows inter-connection of electric devices that utilize a Powercon device, such as LED lighting fixtures, portable speakers and intelligent lighting. Applications Theatrical Co ... Expected to ship out in 11-15 business days.

What is the ippowerkonext10ft power cable?

The IPPOWERKONEXT10FT from Chauvet Professional is a 10ft IP65-rated power cable featuring Seetronic® Powercon connectors. It's specifically designed for lighting applications, and meets stringent standards of suitability and qua ...

What is the pe700j-10-true1 extension cable?

The Lex Products PE700J-10-TRUE1 is a 10 ft TRUE1 extension cable that's made with PowerFLEX cable and Neutrik Powercon TRUE1 connectors, which are reated for "Mate or Brake" under load. Powercon TRUE1 connectors are UL rec ...

What size is the powerCON main-1403 from Blizzard?

The powerCON Main-1403 from Blizzard is a 3-foot 14 gauge PowerCON® compatible main power cable. This Cool Cable™ heavy duty power cord features an industry standard/high quality grounded male Edison connector and a 3-conductor ...

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