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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Coleman Powermate air compressors?

Coleman Powermate air compressor parts and helpful repair tips to keep your unit up and running. It’s easy to repair with our handy kits. Sanborn air compressors were manufactured originally by the Sanborn Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Minnesota. Their brand of compressor then was the Black Max air compressor.

What does the air pressure knob do on a PowerMate compressor?

This is an authentic OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Powermate. This is the knob used to regulate the amount of pressure leaving the air compressors tank. This knob allows you to increase or decrease the air flow based on which tool you are using with your compressor.

What is an air compressor replacement part?

This is a Genuine Manufacturer Sourced replacement part used on some Air Compressors. This is a Plastic Part which includes a Brass Nut and Threaded Stem down inside of it. Spring is Sold Separately. This Knob is a part of an air compressor regulator which controls the air pressure that is flowing through an air compressor.

What is a PowerMate plate assembly?

It is a genuine OEM supplied item that is made for use with Powermate air compressors. This is an identical replacement for damaged or a missing component that was installed on a new unit. The plate assembly is an important part which provides a tight seal between the head and the cylinder body.

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