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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Coleman Powermate air compressors?

Coleman Powermate air compressor parts and helpful repair tips to keep your unit up and running. It’s easy to repair with our handy kits. Sanborn air compressors were manufactured originally by the Sanborn Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Minnesota. Their brand of compressor then was the Black Max air compressor.

Where can I find Coleman Powermate manuals?

Powermate also offers a range of air accessories and air tools to complement their air compressor lines. If you visit the and follow the compressors link, then the manuals link, a full list of Coleman Powermate manuals are available for download.

What kind of cylinder does a PowerMate 20 gallon compressor have?

Powermate 20 Gal. compressor features a cast iron, v-twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump.

What is the best portable air compressor for home use?

Coleman Powermate seems to focus on reciprocating air compressors and offer a fairly wide range of portable compressors for the contractor and for the DIY home workshop. They also offer an industrial line of two stage compressors, with the largest tank being an 120 gallon horizontal tank style.

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