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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of powers and abilities?

Powers and Abilities 1 Superpower Interaction. ... 2 Personal Physical Powers. ... 3 Vision Faculty 4 Mentality-based Powers. ... 5 Physics or Reality Manipulation. ... 6 Energy Manipulation. ... 7 Transportation or Travel. ... 8 Flight. ... 9 Individualistic. ... 10 Illusion. ... Plus d'articles...

What are powers and how are they gained?

These are gained through various means: such as technology, innate ability, supernatural gifts or enchantments and much more. Despite their vast diversity, most powers fall into a handful of categories defining their core identity: Concept: powers centered on an idea, allowing essentially any effect related to it.

What are the 10 powers of power?

Possession. Possession Resistance. Power Absorption. Power Augmentation. Power Bestowal. Power Cosmic. Power Mimicry.

What are the supernatural powers and abilities?

List of Supernatural Powers and Abilities. Darkness Manipulation. Telekinesis. List of Kinetic Abilities. Energy Manipulation. Reality Warping. Elemental Manipulation. Spatial Manipulation.

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