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Frequently Asked Questions

What does as prepared mean?

“As prepared” refers to the product after it has been made ready for consumption (e.g., ingredients added per instructions and cooked such as a cake mix that has been prepared and baked or a condensed or dry soup that has been reconstituted)."

What is the word for prepared?

prepared. simple past tense and past participle of prepare. Synonyms: allowed, accommodated, supported, served, braced, prepped, planned, allowed for, arranged for, bargained for, catered for, got ready for, made allowances for, made concessions for, made plans for, made preparations for, made provision for, planned for, prepared for, provided for, reckoned with, took into account, took into consideration, provided, anticipated, organized, readied, adapted, adjusted, got ready, made ...

What is the difference between ready and prepared?

is that prepared is willing while ready is prepared for immediate action or use. is that prepared is ( prepare) while ready is to make prepared for action. (slang) ready money; cash. Other Comparisons: What's the difference? Willing. The journalist interviewed an eye-witness who was not prepared to disclose his identity.

What is the meaning of prepare?

Prepare: to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity Athletes do it. Sports teams do it. Airline pilots do it. Professional speakers do it. Musicians do it. Event planners do it. Successful people do it. Prepare. It’s not always fun. In fact, sometimes the hours may seem long. And it might not feel like you’re making any progress.

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