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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prescribing means to pharmacists?

A prescription, often abbreviated ℞ or Rx, is a formal communication from a physician or other registered health-care professional to a pharmacist, authorizing them to dispense a specific prescription drug for a specific patient.

What is the meaning of prescribed by law?

Prescription is when a debt (for example, obligation to pay money) is extinguished after a period of time. South Africa has different laws which specify prescription periods, for example, the Prescription Act says that contractual and delictual debts extinguish after three years from the date when it became payable (due).

Is electronic prescribing safe?

As a result, e-prescribing may produce problems that can lead to patient harm, such as improper patient selection from electronic lists, alert fatigue, improper or difficult product selection, and interfacing challenges between prescribers and pharmacies.

Is your doctor prescribing placebos?

Most doctors will tell you they have used placebos." But doctors do often prescribe placebos the wrong way. In today's world, a doctor can't write a prescription for a sugar pill. The doctor has to prescribe something -- and every active medicine carries some risk of side effects. "What you can use as a placebo is complicated.

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