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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the perfect present perfect tense in English?

To make the positive present perfect tense, use: 'have' / 'has' + the past participle. Make the past participle by adding 'ed' to regular verbs (for example, 'play' becomes 'played') There are a few verbs that change their spelling when you add 'ed' (for example, 'study' becomes 'studied')

What is the difference between past tense and past perfect?

Past tenses are used to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present. The past perfect is a verb tense which is used to talk about an action that took place once or many times before another point in the past.

What is a present perfect action?

The present perfect is used to indicate a link between the present and the past. The time of the action is before now but not specified, and we are often more interested in the result than in the action itself. An action or situation that started in the past and continues in the present. I have lived in Bristol since 1984 (= and I still do.)

What are the most confusing tenses in the English language?

Some of the most confusing tenses in the English language are the present perfect and past perfect. They become especially confusing when you have to identify which tense to use and which one is being used.

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