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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of present perfect?

The verb phrase have met is an example of the present perfect: have + the past participle. Languages. In English grammar, the present perfect is an aspect of the verb expressing an action that began in the past and that has recently been completed or continues into the present. Also known as the present perfective.

What is the present progressive form of IR?

Ir Present Progressive/Gerund Form The gerund of -ir verbs is normally formed with the stem of the verb and the ending -iendo. Since ir doesn't really have a stem, the -ie in the ending changes to y and you end up with the form yendo. This verb form can be used in the present progressive and other progressive tenses.

What is IR in the Nosotros form?

The Nosotros form in the Preterite is the same as the Nosotros in the Present Tense for "-Ar" and "-Ir" verbs. Context will tell you which tense is correct. However, the Nosotros form of "-Er" verbs follows the "-Ir" conjugation. The Preterite 3rd person plural (ellos, ellas, ustedes) ends in "-ron".

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