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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you form the present perfect tense?

We form the perfect tenses by using the verb to have as an auxiliary verb and adding the past participle of the main verb. We form the present-perfect tense by using the present tense of have (has or have) and adding the past participle of the main verb.

When do I use the present perfect tense?

The present perfect tense connects the present to the past. It is used to express actions that happened at an unspecified time or that began in the past and continue in the present.The exact time is not important. Note: We cannot use Present Perfect with specific time expressions, can only use with unspecific expressions.

What are some examples of present perfect tense?

Examples of Present Perfect Tense. Present perfect tense can be used with expressions that are unspecific in time: I have lost my purse. We have seen this movie already. He has broken his leg. There has been an accident.

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