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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Contact Press Enterprise?

Contact Information Main Office 570-387-1234 Website Support Ext: 1932 Subscriber Helpdesk Newsroom Ext: 1301 [email protected] Home Delivery Ext: 1295 [email protected] Classifieds Ext: 1298 [email protected] Legals Ext: 1298 [email protected] Advertising Ext: 1210 [email protected]

What is Bloomsburg PA known for?

Bloomsburg, Columbia County's seat, is the only incorporated town in Pennsylvania. The relaxed rural atmosphere characteristic of central Pennsylvania is balanced by stimulating cultural and recreational activities.

What happened to the beech tree on Market Street in Bloomsburg?

BLOOMSBURG — A 115-year-old beech tree that’s graced Market Street since the turn of the century is infected with a... BERWICK — It appears the state Department of Environmental Protection has picked up the trail of the mysterious oil...

What's going on with Columbia Boulevard in Bloomsburg?

BLOOMSBURG — Workers are to mill and resurface Columbia Boulevard from East Street to Park Street at night this week and part of next week, PennDOT... BLOOMSBURG — Residents spoke out passionately on the school board’s decision to approve a new contract and raise for district Superintendent Donald...

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