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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will pressure treated pine fence last?

This is the type of pine most often used for fence posts, landscaping timbers and pilings. Expect H3 treated pine to last around 30 years in the ground when installed with pressure-treated screws or stainless steel post brackets. This is not guaranteed, however. It could be noted that untreated pine lasts less long than its treated counterparts.

How long will a pressure treated fence last?

Yes, pressured-treated wood will eventually start to decay. As mentioned above, it can take years due to the preservatives added, but it does not mean it will last forever. Most treated fences start to decay after 15 years, as reported by a variety of homeowners. Water and fungi cause decay.

How long does pressure treated pine last in decking?

Treated pine decking and flooring, along with railing systems used on porches or exterior stairs typically offer severe decay resistance that is equivalent to that offered by AC2 copper-based products. In some cases, this level of protection lasts as long as 15 years.

Should I use pressure treated wood for fence rails?

Should I use pressure treated wood for fence rails? When used for fencing, it must be pressure-treated to stand up to decay and the elements. It resists shrinkage, but it can still warp, crack, or twist. When properly treated, it can last a lifetime, even if it comes in contact with wet soil.

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