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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Princess Juliana International Airport?

/  18.04083°N 63.10944°W  / 18.04083; -63.10944 Princess Juliana International Airport ( IATA: SXM, ICAO: TNCM) is the main airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. The airport is located on the Dutch side of the island, in the country of Sint Maarten, close to the shore of Simpson Bay Lagoon.

How did Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) develop?

From a tiny US military airstrip in 1942, in the thick of World War II, to an ultra-modern international airport in 70 years, Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) has developed by leaps and bounds to make it one of the busiest in the region, with an average of 1.6 million passengers passing through it yearly.

Is Princess Juliana Airport free in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

In popular culture Princess Juliana International Airport is the airport featured in the free demo version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The History Channel program Most Extreme Airports ranks Princess Juliana Airport as the 4th most dangerous airport in the world.

Is SxM the best Caribbean airport?

Today, the SXM Airport is considered one of the best in aviation, having won multiple awards, including the Best Caribbean Airport, 2016 and the Bizz Award, 2017.

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