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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the printing press get popular?

How did the printing press help communication? The printing press halted the evolution of symbols: For the first time maps and numbers were fixed. The printing press increased the speed of communication and the spread of knowledge: Far less man hours were needed to turn out 50 printed books than 50 scribed manuscripts.

What did the printing press do?

The printing press is a machine that helps to print the text or the images on paper or any other material with the help of special ink. This is one of the best inventions to date because, before this invention, most people remain illiterate because there was no means of printing books so that the people could read them and gain knowledge.

How did printing press spread humanism?

The printing press was important to the spread of the Renaissance and Humanist thinking because it made it easier to print books and pamphlets. People then soon read more often and understood the ideas written in the book or pamphlet. Because of the printing press, people started to learn to think on their own. How did the printing press impact ...

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