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Frequently Asked Questions

How to print your own wedding invitations?

Feed the cardstock into your printer. If you are printing many invitations, the printing process may take a while. ...Stay by the printer while the invitations are printing. You will be able to notice the moment there is a printing problem, stop the printing process and not waste paper.Purchase extra printer ink before beginning the printing process. ...

How to write the perfect wedding invitation?

The names of the hosts (titles optional)An explicit request to attend the weddingThe names of the coupleThe date and timeThe locations (name of the venue and address)Reception information (location and time)Dress codeWedding website information (optional to include on separate insert)

How do you make your own wedding invitation?

The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide to DIY Wedding InvitationsThe Wide World of DIY Wedding Invitations. ...DIY Wedding Invitation Templates. ...Designing Your DIY Wedding Invitations. ...Choosing Paper for Your DIY Wedding Invitations. ...Printing Your DIY Wedding Invitations. ...Making Your DIY Invitations Shine. ...Don’t Forget the Envelopes. ...The Final Step: Mailing Your Invitations. ...When in Doubt, Just Customize the Design. ...

Where can I make my own wedding invitations?

Where to Find The Best Wedding Invitation TemplatesMinted. You've probably already come across Minted in your wedding invitation research, but did you know the site also offers styles you can print at home?Etsy. ...Download & Print. ...Lia Griffith. ...Canva. ...Temploola. ...Jukebox. ...Cards and Pockets. ...

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