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Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards offer instant approval?

There are three types of cards that offer instant approvals. The first are prepaid debit cards that will approve all applicants once their identity is confirmed. These are not credit cards, so customers cannot incur debt, but neither will they have a payment history that will be reported to the consumer credit bureaus.

What is a privacy credit card?

A credit privacy number, also called a credit profile number or CPN is nine-digit number that can be used to apply for credit. Credit repair companies tell you that you can have one of these numbers (for a fee, of course) and then use it to get loans or credit cards.

What is a private credit card?

A private label credit card is a store-branded credit card that is intended for use at a specific store. A private label credit card is a type of revolving credit plan managed by a bank or commercial finance company for either retail or wholesale manufacturers, such as department and specialty stores.

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