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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is a standard privacy fence?

The standard height for a wood fence is determined by local regulations. Most communities regulate fences to some degree.The standard height for a wood fence is 6 feet for a privacy fence, and 4 feet for a decorative one.

What is privacy fencing?

A privacy fence is any type of barrier that creates a border and defines an area. One the other hand, privacy screens, which only limit an outsider’s view, can be used more for décor than privacy fences. Unlike a privacy fence, a privacy screen only limits the visibility.

What are fencing panels?

Panel fencing is a better solution for those who want more privacy. Other forms of fencing feature large gaps that do little to block out neighbors and other homes. Panel fencing comes in large panels that span a greater distance, and the panels won't have any gaps between the pieces.

How tall are vinyl fencing?

Our most common privacy vinyl fence installations are 6 to 8 feet tall, with lattice top or picket top.

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