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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a wooden privacy fence?

To build a wood privacy fence in your yard: Establish Fence Line: Pull a string between each end of the fence to establish a straight line where the fence will be located. Mark Post Location: Mark the location of each fence post at the desired intervals (usually every 8’) along the string line.

What is a privacy fencing?

A privacy fence is any type of barrier that creates a border and defines an area. One the other hand, privacy screens, which only limit an outsider’s view, can be used more for décor than privacy fences. Unlike a privacy fence, a privacy screen only limits the visibility.

What is a fencing panel?

Panel fencing is a better solution for those who want more privacy. Other forms of fencing feature large gaps that do little to block out neighbors and other homes. Panel fencing comes in large panels that span a greater distance, and the panels won't have any gaps between the pieces.

What is a wood privacy fence?

Wood privacy fences are inexpensive to install but require the most maintenance of all privacy fence materials. They can be embedded with steal to slow down rotting and prevent warping, but they require protection against moisture and sun damage. Wood privacy fences are available in prefabricated panels, post-and-rail designs and lattice panels,...

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