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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the privacy settings on the iPhone and iPad?

Your iPhone and iPad Privacy settings let you control which apps have permission to access various built-in features, like your location, contacts, calendars, photos, microphone, camera, health data, and more.

How do I Manage my privacy settings on my Device?

To manage your privacy settings: 1 Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen. 2 Tap Privacy in the left pane. 3 Tap an item to view which apps (if any) have requested access to the information. 4 Turn controls on or off to enable or disable access for certain apps.

How do I set up Touch ID & passcode on my iPad?

You can open Settings by tapping the icon on your Home screen. Settings gives you easy access to many things, including settings for your notifications and privacy. In this lesson, we will focus on the Touch ID & Passcode, General, and Privacy sections. Under Touch ID & Passcode, you can customize the security for unlocking your iPad.

How do I turn off Private browsing on my iPad?

Turn off Private Browsing 1 Open Safari on your iPad. 2 Tap the new page button . 3 Tap Private, then tap Done. See More....

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