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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a virtual credit card?

How to get a virtual credit card The first thing you need to do is create a card of the required denomination. For this, provide your card details to the bank from whom you are taking the net banking facility. Then the bank will provide you with a 16 digit virtual credit card number. Enter this credit card number that is generated.

Can I charge virtual cards?

To charge a virtual card: Click 'Create New' → 'Virtual Card Charge'. Enter the details for the booking associated with this charge. Select the currency and provider of your virtual card. Enter the amount to take from the card. Complete the details of the virtual card and press the button to charge the card.

Is virtual credit card legal?

If you use the virtual credit card just for the sake of validation, testing, or form registration, it is legal for you. Uses and benefits of credit card generator: There are lots of advantages of the credit card generator in your business especially when it's new.

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