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Frequently Asked Questions

What is profile in GD&T?

GD&T Profile Definition. Profile is a three-dimensional tolerance that applies in all directions regardless of the drawing view where the tolerance is specified. It is usually used on parts with complex outer shape and a constant cross-section like extrusions.

What is the profile of a surface in GD&T?

Easy Guide to GD&T: Profile of a Surface [ Symbol, Tolerance, Measurement ] 1 Definition of Profile of a Surface. In GD&T the Profile of a Surface symbol is used to establish a 3 dimensional tolerane zone around the surface, which is often a ... 2 Profile of a Surface on Drawings. ... 3 Gaging and Measurement of Surface Profile. ...

What is the profile of a surface?

Because of this tolerance zone, the Profile of a Surface can control the feature’s form, size, orientation, and sometimes even th location. It can be a good choice for parts that have a complex outer shape but a constant cross-section such as extrusions. Profile of a surface can often wind up being a catch-all for surface control.

What is profile tolerance?

Profile tolerance is the amount of deviation of a profile of a line or a surface. No surface can be made absolutely perfect. Due to machine or measurement variations, engineers should allow a deviation in the line elements or surfaces called profile tolerance. Please make a note that, Profile tolerance can be used with or without a datum.

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