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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between program and programme?

The main difference between program and programme is in the language - American vs. British English. The term ‘program’ is used for everything in American English, whereas the term ‘programme’ is used in British English unless they are referring to computers. However, the words ‘program’ and ‘programme’ are acceptable in Australian English.

What does programme mean?

A program is a set of instructions that a computer can follow to perform a task. Programs are written in a specific programming language, which provides a structure for the code as well as a set of rules that the programmer must follow. Once a program is written, it must be compiled, or translated, into a form that the computer can understand.

Where does the word programme come from?

The noun "programme" comes from the French, and only those following UK writing conventions need to make a distinction between "program" and "programme." For anything to do with a computer, use "program."

How do you use programme in a sentence?

Use "program" for everything. Use "program" for anything to do with computers. It is a useful program to delete old files. I taught myself to program in JavaScript. Use "program" when you need a verb. I will program you in for 1 o'clock. Use "programme" for an itinerary, TV show, radio show, or a collection of work projects.

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