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Frequently Asked Questions

How many project70® cards are there?

Now seven decades later, artists and creatives around the globe are revisiting and reimagining 70 years of iconic baseball card designs, each selecting their own MLB players and Topps designs to craft a unique story. Each artist creates 20 Project70® cards. New cards launch daily on and are only available for 70 hours.

What is project 70?

Clearly, Project70 places a premium on artist freedom of interpretation. Each of the artists will create 20 cards for Project 70, with new cards launching daily on Topps’ w ebsite that will be available for just 70 hours — the numbers 51 and 70 figure prominently all over the project.

What is Topps project 70?

Topps Project 70 is the latest artist-driven baseball set from the iconic trading card company celebrating 70 years of MLB cards. Editor’s note: This article originally ran on our network partner site Den of Geek as part of the Collector’s Digest content series powered by eBay.

Is Topps celebrating 70 years of baseball cards?

Topps celebrates 70 Years of baseball cards with a new program that pushes boundaries while paying homage to our heritage. Founded in 1938 as a chewing gum company, Topps released their first baseball card set in 1951.

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