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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between prose and drama?

The main difference between Prose and Drama is that the Prose is a form of language which applies ordinary grammatical structure and natural flow of speech and Drama is a artwork intended for performance, formal type of literature Prose is a form or technique of language that exhibits a natural flow of speech and grammatical structure.

What is prose drama and poetry have in common?

Poetry and drama both belong to the broader category of fiction -texts that feature events and characters that have been made up. Then there is non-fiction, a vast category that is a type of prose and includes many different sub-genres. Non-fiction can be creative, such as the personal essay, or factual, such as the scientific paper.

Are plays considered prose?

Prose is usually meant to be read privately by an individual (though speeches are almost always written in prose) and is the kind of writing we associate with both fiction and nonfiction books. Think of drama as plays and prose as novels, short stories or essays.

How is drama different from prose and poetry?

Drama, as opposed to prose rather than as a type of, is any writing that is intended for performance rather than the experience of reading it. As in poetry, there are no hard and fast rules. Often, drama is not even recorded in it’s whole linguistic state, but when it is,...

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