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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by prose?

Prose is meant to be either silently read or read out loud but usually excludes the written language of a dramatic stage play or a screenplay meant to be experienced, respectively, either as a live performance or as a program of recorded media. In my view, the use of edutainment in business communications almost fails the test...

What does prose mean in court?

ProSe Law and Legal Definition. You appear "Pro Se" in a legal action when you represent yourself directly in a legal action (in or out of court) and do not have an attorney speaking or writing for you.“Pro-Se” refers to representing yourself in any type of legal matter without the benefit of legal counsel.

What is the purpose of prose?

Prose and poetry are two sides of the same coin. Both of them communicate ideas, and both of them can be written beautifully. But the essential purpose of prose is to communicate ideas, and the essential purpose of poetry is to move us with the beauty of its crafted language, and in this distinction the two diverge.

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