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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different forms of prose and poetry?

Prose includes pieces of writing like novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts . These kinds of writing contain the kind of ordinary language heard in everyday speech. Poetry includes song lyrics, various poetry forms, and theatrical dialogue containing poetic qualities, like iambic pentameter.

Which is better prose or poetry?

• Poetry appears to be more artistic or literary than prose. • Poetry is more attractive and impressive than prose. • For people who do not understand poetry, prose is always better. • It is content that is more important in prose, whereas it is the structure that is more important in poetry.

Can prose read like poetry?

Prose Poem. Though the name of the form may appear to be a contradiction, the prose poem essentially appears as prose, but reads like poetry. In the first issue of The Prose Poem: An International Journal, editor Peter Johnson explained, "Just as black humor straddles the fine line between comedy and tragedy, so the prose poem plants one foot in prose, the other in poetry, both heels resting precariously on banana peels."

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